With 10:10 the school playground turns into a dance floor. Take a sandpit, three dancers, one musician, and three, two, one…off we go for one hour of slow motion running, rows, ball games, hopscotch and sand drawings.

Pulling braids, leapfrogging, fingers sticking up noses, dribbling, sulking, jumping on one another and rolling around. All this childlike energy is turned into both a suspended and acrobatic choreography pulsed by drumbeats and distant sounds of children laughing and whispering. A joyous performance, brilliantly celebrating children’s talent for inventing all sorts of games out of practically nothing.

Evoking children’s little rituals and mischief, Caroline Cornélis adds a pinch of poetry to their turbulent sandpit.

Le Soir

by Caroline Cornélis
assisted by Marielle Morales
created with Julien Carlier, Colin Jolet, Agathe Thévenot, Tom Malmendier
performed by Julien Carlier, Colin Jolet, Agathe Thévenot / Fanny Brouyaux, Tom Malmendier
music director Claire Goldfarb
lighting Frédéric Vannes
dramaturgy Isabelle Dumont
scenography Anne Mortiaux
costumes Aline Breucker
production Nyash
co-production Charleroi danse
production assistance and distribution AD LIB. − Anna Giolo
with the support of the French Community − Service de la Danse, Théâtre de Liège, La montagne magique, Les Chiroux − CC de Liège, Théâtre de Namur, Jacques Franck cultural centre, Grand Studio
photos Alice Piemme, Nicolas Bommal