Seven dancers aged between 13 and 20 explore rap music in all its forms. They experiment with rhythm, statements and gestures. They dive into its history from the grandmasters to Kendrick Lamar and create a medley of lines, beats and moves. Together they try and get a grip on a musical style that has survived for generations and beaten trends by continually reinventing itself.

Choreographer Radouan Mriziga trained in dance in Morocco and Tunisia and at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. His work is supported by Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre and Kaaitheater in Brussels, where he is artist-in-residence. For 8.2 he was inspired by an old love: rap music.

8.2 was selected for the Flemish TheaterFestival 2019.

Above all it is the young dancers, in all their diversity and with a great sense of commitment, who carry off this beautiful show that makes you fall in love with rap music and hiphop. Great stuff!

From the TheaterFestival jury report

concept, choreography and scenography Radouan Mriziga
assistant choreographer Maïté Jeannolin
dance Tars Couvreur, Amina Iddrisu, Mimbi Lubansu, Ebe Meynckens, Nick Van de Velde, Julie Van Minnebruggen, Sadie Vermeiren
costume design Lila John
production and technical support hetpaleis, fABULEUS & Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre
with the support of the Belgian Federal Government’s Tax Shelter, Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius
photos Clara Hermans