Welcome to the strange little lady’s house. Here, everything is absurd, cheerful and surprising. Amidst a painting that comes to life, a musical cabinet and drawers that singlehandedly transform their content, she rides her stationary bike to her extraordinary garden.
But sometimes the objects have a mind of their own. Dear, how upset she gets when her TV stops working! A young repairman comes along. He opens cupboards, plugs cables into sockets, but nothing seems to work as he intends…

From a set made up of recycled objects, a surrealist choreography full of surprises in sound and image is created. A truly Belgian performance!

Bizar received the Minister for Children’s prize of the French Community of Belgium.

Totally crazy and deliciously weird.


director Marie-Odile Dupuis
cast Kristin Arras / Peggy De Landtsheer & Marc Weiss / Jérôme Poncin
music and sound design Bo Spaenc
set design Pat Van Hemelrijck & Marie Kersten
help with set construction François De Myttenaere, Jonathan Vincke, Gaël Renard
artistic collaboration Benoit de Leu de Cecil
stage management Loïc Scuttenaire, Dries Bellinkx, Tom Vincke
co-production Théâtre des 4 Mains & Muziektheater De Kolonie
with the support of Taalunie, the Province of Walloon Brabant, the French Community, the Cultural Cooperation Agreement between the French and Flemish Communities
photos Ger Spendel