We come from all the way up north.
From lands of ice, wind and sand.
The wind cools us down and the sand protects us.
Our people use the sand, to build walls, ramparts.
It keeps the sea from swallowing our houses.
We will tell you the story of our grandfather.
He was born a very long time ago, in an ice cube.
One day, he met the king of nature, a bear who lived beneath the sand.
He called him the Kimik.

Blizzard is a tale of few words, inspired by the Far North and Inuit culture. Three puppeteers tell us a story of a long journey, of the wanderings of a puppet in a moving and unstable landscape. Une Tribu collectif comes up with a performance which is in constant imbalance, inviting you to contemplate the relationship between mankind and untamed Nature. An enchanting universe which will give you goosebumps.

Strange and poetic, harsh and gentle all at once, Blizzard was awarded the Minister of Culture’s prize. It was well-deserved.

Focus Vif

concept and theatre direction Rita Belova, Alice Hebborn, Valentin Périlleux, Daniel Schmitz
cast Rita Belova, Valentin Périlleux, Daniel Schmitz
outside eyes Michel Villée, Noémie Vincart
scenography and puppets Valentin Périlleux
set construction assistance Guy Carbonnelle
scenography trainee Robin Bolle
sound and stage management Alice Hebborn
lighting Caspar Langhoff
created by Une Tribu collectif
produced by Entrée de Secours
distributed by Margaux Van Audenrode
with the support of the French Community
with the help of Théâtre de Galafronie, BAMP, Centre de la Marionnette de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the cultural centres of Braine-L’Alleud and Theux, Théâtre de l’E.V.N.I.
special thanks to Simon Breeveld, Jérémy David, Cécile Geeraerd, Sarah Hebborn, Ruprecht Niepold
photos Nicolas Bomal − Province de Liège, Simon Breeveld, FKPH