Two people discover that they’re stuck inside a confined space: a box. They feel confused, scared and uneasy. They discover that they’re not alone: there’s someone else outside. Who could that be? They gradually warm to each other, but not without the inevitable clashes, caresses and emotions. Uneasiness turns to laughter and amusement.

BOKS is a dance-theatre show with a soundscape that is created live, a show about getting to know each other and being together. Come and be immersed in the sounds of this very special musical instrument.


A small space.
In search of each other.
Box full of tension.
Peevish jostling.
Swirling laughter.
Infectious amusement.
In a box.

A wondrous, fresh, exciting dance show for the youngest children.

De Bond

concept, performance and dance Danaé Bosman & Jotka Bauwens
composition and live music Stefan Wellens
movement advisor and director Karolien Verlinden
costume design Lies Maréchal
scenography Oona Sauwens
set building Wim Van de Vyver
lighting design Zoë Bossuyt & Alain Ongenaet
technicians Zoë Bossuyt & Hans Rigouts
artistic support Karel Van Ransbeeck
production Theater De Spiegel
photos Laure-Anne Iserief