A short and crazy show about the trials and tribulations of a puppet in the making, which struggles to try and get the job done itself…
With a few pieces of polystyrene, skewers, a paintbrush and a saw, Tof Théâtre cuts, sculpts, tears off and kills! All of it to the sound of well-chosen radio tunes.
Caught between existential questions and a battle with the materials, this brilliant puppet thriller goes from string-pulling to tyranny, even at the risk of losing a finger or two.

It’s crazy, it’s clever, it’s terrific!

Le Soir

The madness, contained in the beginning, builds up crescendo all through the performance to culminate in a literally explosive finale. A must-see.


created by Alain Moreau in collaboration with Sarah Demarthe & Emilie Plazolles, with the help of Gilbert Epron & Dimitri Joukovsky
puppets, scenography, direction and stage management Alain Moreau
puppeteers Angela Malvasi & Yannick Duret
music Max Vandervorst
lighting Dimitri Joukovsky
production Tof Théâtre
photos Melisa Stein, Guto Muniz