It’s Audrey’s birthday today!
She invited 26 people to bake and share a carrot cake together.
But Tiger has also invited himself to the party.
Tiger, who takes over everything that belongs to the person he wants to be – Audrey.
What happens when you start to love your own fear?

Take your seat around a big table for a visual, surrealist and playful performance about overcoming one’s fears.
About how every dangerous tiger, as strange and merciless as it may seem, can turn out to be an inoffensive fluffy cat.

concept Audrey Dero
cast Audrey Dero & Oriane Varak
artistic support Johan De Smet & France Everard
assistant set designers and object work France Everard, Aude Van Schaftingen
costumes Leentje Kerremans
lighting Denis Gysen
sound Guillaume Le Boisselier
set construction Bernard Senny
welcoming of audience Luis Vergara Santiago / Christine Verheyden / France Everard
production Pudding
co-production Rotondes Luxembourg
with the support of the French Community, KOPERGIETERY, the cultural centre of Engis, De kroon, the cultural centre of Braine-le-Comte, La montagne magique, BAMP, la Roseraie
photos Denis Gysen