Can you hear me snoring?
Can you hear me humming?
Can you see my knees?
The tip of my nose?

I could be anywhere.
I know this house. I am this house.

Come on!
Come in.

I am the mother, you are the child.
Or is it the other way round?

Inne Goris invites you into a house. You’ll explore every room with earphones on. Who lives here? What are they doing? What are they waiting for?

House is a performance installation for everyone of 8 and over, a big house on stage that you can wander about in at your own speed. Children hear the mother’s thoughts, adults hear the voice of the child. Together, you get to hear the full story.

House is a rare and precious performance that embraces you like a delicate cocoon. You can sink into the beauty of a gloomy mind. It’s a sojourn in a quiet, dark house that will clear your mind completely. Wow.

Knack Focus

concept Inne Goris
installation Stef Stessel, Koen Broos
text Laura Broekhuysen
composition Wouter Snoei
musical direction Romain Bischoff
voice of daughter (recorded) Ella Voet (Dutch), Eva Rose Thys (French), TBD (English)
voice of mother (recorded) Lotte Heijtenis (Dutch), Marie Bos (French), TBD (English)
French translation Marie Hooghe
English translation P.C. Evans
set construction hetpaleis & De Brug
technical coordination Nic Roseeuw, Erik Moonen
technical support Pino Etz, Diederik Suykens
production manager Rozemarijn van Kalmthout
production LOD muziektheater & hetpaleis
co-production Silbersee
photos Koen Broos