This is the story of a man who, having lost everything and being haunted by his past as a convict, sacrifices himself for the wellbeing of a young girl that fate entrusts him with.
It is the story of a victimised woman who has no choice but to sell her body and abandon her child. And that of a fanatic and tireless cop. That of a kid in the streets, insolent and free.
A story of iniquitous justice. Of mankind’s inner struggle between good and bad. Of a chase that lasts many years and a man whose conscience is continuously tested.
This is the story of a desperate people who rise up to defend their ideals, even if it takes them their last breath.

With Nativity figurines as heroes, a table as battlefield, a biscuit box that symbolises the Thénardier inn: this version of Les Misérables is insanely creative!

Large, precise, romantic and committed.

La Libre

based on the novel by Victor Hugo
a performance created by Karine Birgé & Marie Delhaye
cast Karine Birgé, Marie Delhaye, Julie Nathan, Naïma Triboulet (alternating)
co-directors Félicie Artaud & Agnès Limbos
writing collaborator Françoise Lott
sound Guillaume Istace
lighting Dimitri Joukovsky
sculptures Evandro Serodio
scenography Frédérique de Montblanc
large constructions Alain Mayor & Sylvain Daval
small constructions Zoé Tenret
small costumes Françoise Colpé
large painting Eugénie Obolensky
technicians Dimitri Joukovsky, Karl Descarreaux (alternating)
production Compagnie Karyatides
co-production Théâtre de Liège, Théâtre Jean Arp, Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes
with the support of the French Community  Service du Théâtre, SACD, La montagne magique, Jacques Franck cultural centre, La Grande Ourse, la Roseraie, CarréRotondes, Les Chiroux, Théâtre du Papyrus
photos Alice Piemme, Yves Gabriel