PAKMAN lives faster than a mouse can click. 1 package, 2 forms, 3 stamps, 6 signatures, 450 times per day, 159,750 packages per year in exchange for 10 holiday days. PAKMAN travels across Europe to deliver packages exactly on time. His little truck stops at car parks, squares and theatre festivals. Take your seat in the back of the truck for a performance full of drum rolls and bouncing balls. A show about the rhythm of our time.

PAKMAN is a meeting between the rhythms of juggler Stijn Grupping and drummer Frederik Meulyzer. Each using his own instrument, they make live music together with which to strengthen, oppose, complement and challenge each other.

A little pearl in a truck.


Energy, cadence and precise detail: Post uit Hessdalen has all this and more.

De Gentenaar

created by Stijn Grupping, Frederik Meulyzer & Ine Van Baelen
circus and live music Stijn Grupping & Frederik Meulyzer
scenography Reinout Hiel
choreographic advice Karolien Verlinden
costume design Linse Van Gool
graphic design Vildana Memic
business management Klein Verzet
production Post uit Hessdalen
co-production Theater op de Markt, Miramiro
with the support of the Flemish government, the Province of Antwerp, the City of Antwerp
photos FKPH