Rita is a single woman of a certain age with a great sense of drama. With her love of opera she tries to escape the daily grind and the advance of old age. She gets lost in a mental labyrinth where the boundaries between fact and fiction are completely blurred.

Rita happens on the thin line between dance, play and performance. Randi De Vlieghe and Jef Van gestel demonstrate their expertise and their love of turning the everyday into something extraordinary. An elderly Alice in Wonderland for everyone aged 8 years and over.

Brilliant, so much wordless rebellion.

Het Nieuwsblad

De Vlieghe knows exactly how to interpret Rita. Her pitying gaze, her shuffling and slightly hurried tread… These disarming details will make you fall instantly in love with this woman.

De Standaard

created and performed by Randi De Vlieghe & Jef Van gestel
sound and set design Wannes Deneer
set building Simon Callens, Danny Vandeput & Tim Vanhentenryck
lighting design Thomas Clause
technicians Jo Thielemans, Marlies Jacques, Bram Waelkens
coaching Veerle Kerckhoven & Natascha Pire
costumes Maartje Van Bourgognie
production manager Ellen De Naeyer
co-creation Tuning People & BRONKS
with the support of the Flemish government
photos Clara Hermans