They are two of them handling it.
– Yes, boss, everything is fine.
Sort, categorise, classify.
– Yes, everything is fine.
Wipe, polish, buff.
– Yes, boss, everything is fine.
– There is an intruder! Did you notice?
– Er… No.
– Go get them!

Take an egg sorting facility. With quite white, mostly unbroken eggs, all pretty much normal looking. Now take two employees. Get into their heads and bring up an orange-coloured egg. You will get a crazy performance full of surprises, plunging you into a jungle abundant with adventures!

Playful and exhilarating.

La Libre

cast Valérie Joyeux & Vincent Raoult
collective writing led by Sofia Betz
director Sofia Betz
assistant director Sophie Jallet
lighting and stage management Arnaud Lhoute
choreography and sound editing Louise Baduel
original music and sound design Lionel Vancauwenberge
costumes, props and scenography Marie Kersten
construction Ets Catoire et Fils, Brice Hennebert
production Les Pieds dans le Vent
with the support of the French Community − Service du Théâtre
with the help of the cultural centre of Rixensart, Théâtre Mercelis of the commune of Ixelles, the cultural centre of Eghezée, la Roseraie
special thanks to Théâtre de Galafronie, Mr & Mrs Betz, Elise Desmet, Sarah de Battice, Monique Lievens and her children
photos Karl Autrique, Sarah Torrisi